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Oddly enough, Easy Video Maker is one of the most difficult programs with which I created the video for free. It’s not comfortable and intuitive.

How to make a video? (Function {) {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

At first glance, Easy Video Maker plays a rather dirty and busy interface. It has many buttons and options,which are not at all obvious. Although there is a tutorial that will help you, it’s time to stop paying attention.

Enables you to take snapshots, audio, video and song songs, add or record your own video as a video. But that does not make a video. You need to drag these parameters to the timeline and place themthem in the background or video (what you do not say in the textbook). However, the difference between the background field and the video field is a mystery, as well as the addition of sound to the video.

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In addition, it’s ugly and looks strange, Easy Video Maker also does not use features. ParametersWhat it contains is confusing, and it is unclear what each parameter depends on or what it does. For example, the “special rule effect”: what does it mean and what does it do, and which video element? It’s wise, exciting.

Video submission is no less slow process. About ten years ago, EasyThe Video Maker was an example of a simple video creation method, but this type of software has been significantly improved for both Windows and mobile devices, and now it just seems to be stationary.

Requires a new name

Here’s how a beginner in a video downloads Easy Video Maker and gets disappointing because of the processIt looks so complicated, do not worry. There are other programs that make video by offering advanced features like Free Video Editor or VideoPad Video Editor. This program has an attractive name, but this is the only thing; RealZealSoft, developers, provides more information on its web site (for example, manualsand tutorials).

Easy Video Maker

October 30, 2018


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